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This is the time of year when you begin to notice some issues with your home comfort system.

You’ve activated the heating system, and certain areas of the house are noticeably cooler than others, meaning you need to balance the air flow in your home. You anticipate that your entire home will be pleasant. However, with time, the HVAC system is influenced by:

  • Aging
  • Air filters
  • Dirty ducts

5 Tips For Air Balance

You are not required to upgrade your furnace immediately. There are a few things you can do when you come home tonight to improve the temperature throughout your home.

Adjust The Air Vents

Look for all of your air vents throughout your home, high and low. Most homeowners have a habit of placing furniture wherever they want in a room, even if it means obstructing a vent. This could be due to carelessness or a lack of awareness.

However, blocking the vent can alter how air circulates over a huge room. Even a buildup of cat hair and dust can substantially alter your vent’s air flow. Therefore, reposition your furniture and remove any debris from the registers.

Additionally, you can channel air to specific locations by partially sealing vents. Partially closed vents allow less air to escape, and the air will reroute itself along the path of least resistance — to whatever place you leave the vents fully open.

Always Keep The Fan On

You can set the fan on your HVAC system’s thermostat to auto or on. In automatic mode, the fan will turn off after the required temperature has been reached. When the fan is set to “on,” it will run constantly regardless of the temperature in the room.

The benefit of the latter method is that air is constantly circulating throughout your home, reducing the likelihood of experiencing hot or cold air flow.

Have Your Air Ducts Checked And Cleaned

Leaks and holes in your ductwork impede the distribution of air throughout your home. The most straightforward solution is to check, clean, and insulate your ductwork. First, using a paintbrush, apply duct sealant to the holes and gaps. Then, once everything’s ready, wrap the ducts with fiberglass insulation. Finally, be ready to seal them with foil tape.

Maintain Air Filters

Air filters remove dust and pollutants from the air, distributing clean air throughout the home. However, they require routine maintenance; otherwise, they may become clogged. A home with dirty filters will have poor airflow and hot and cold regions.

For improved air purification, clean your filters every two weeks and replace them every three to four months.

Constantly inspecting AC filters might be a pain. Utilize a smart thermostat or smart AC controller that provides alerts to monitor the cleanliness of a space.

Install Window Covering

In the summer, direct sunlight entering a room through a window can drastically affect its temperature. Additionally, 30% of heat energy is lost through windows throughout the winter. This strains your HVAC system, which therefore alters the air balance in your home.

Utilize drapes, blinds, or curtains to reduce heat loss and gain. Additionally, you can put window film insulation for glare and ultraviolet protection.

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Consult The Professionals For An Accurate Air Balancing Report

Ultimately, contacting a professional will always be the more comprehensive approach. An HVAC expert will take numerous measures and run tests to establish what’s causing the air imbalance in your home. The results of these tests will be used to compile an air balancing report detailing the performance of your system.

Manometers are used by professionals to measure air pressure and locate obstructions. Hygrometers are used to measure humidity levels and determine whether a location feels suffocatingly humid.

After obtaining all of the results, HVAC professionals may change the dampers and fan speed, as well as replace the supply lines with larger or smaller ductwork. They may even install dampers if you haven’t already had them installed, so you can have just the perfect amount of air flow in your home.

Contact Duct Pros today to inquire about their duct services or schedule an appointment with them so they can check your residential property immediately.

Published On: December 8, 2022Categories: Air Duct Cleaning

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