Commercial Air Duct Cleaning & Sanitizing

Following the Covid-19 outbreak, business owners and corporations have begun to rethink how to keep their employees and customers safer and healthier by implementing additional cleaning procedures around their physical location. You’ve worked diligently to clean your establishment, whether a retail location or a warehouse.

However, one aspect you may have overlooked is your HVAC system’s ductwork. These vents penetrate nearly every room and open space in your structure. If they have not been cleaned and sterilized in a while, they may be introducing allergens and dust into your workstation, reducing air quality. This can be your helpful guide on commercial air duct cleaning services.

d to have them cleaned with proper air duct cleaning equipment at least once a year.

What Is Air Duct Cleaning, And Why Is It Important

Your HVAC system operates by sucking air from your building’s ducts into its system. When the air reaches the air conditioner or furnace, it is heated or cooled and sent back into your building through the ducts.

The air circulating through the ducts picks up dust, debris, and allergens. This accumulates with time, and you’ll need a professional to clean it out. Your HVAC system’s ducts are located behind the walls and out of reach near the ceilings, making it difficult to clean without professional assistance.

We are an air duct cleaning company. so we access, clean, and sanitize all parts of your duct system, including the following:

  • Internal air ducts
  • Supply air ducts (moves air brought into the HVAC)
  • Return air ducts (cooled and heated air passes through these)
  • Unit housing
  • Motor housing
  • Fan housing
  • Cooling coils
  • Heating coils
  • Diffusers
  • Grills
  • Heat exchanger
  • Drain/drip pans

Your HVAC system is a complex network of components that must be maintained. While the frequency of air conditioning duct cleaning varies according to various circumstances, it is always recommende

Why Should I Maintain A Clean Duct System?

Before you employ air duct cleaning companies, you should understand that doing so has a number of benefits for your business. Before spending the money, you want to ensure that air duct cleaning services are necessary. There are numerous benefits to having your commercial building’s air ducts cleaned regularly. Among these are the following:

  • Improved air quality: You want to ensure that the air in your commercial building is constantly clean and fresh. When your ducts become clogged, the air quality in your space suffers.
  • Prevents fires caused by blocked air ducts: When you turn on the heat during the winter, heated air is forced into your air ducts. If the air ducts are too dirty, this heat has the ability to start a fire. You do not want to endanger the safety of your employees or commercial facility by creating a fire hazard.
  • Make your HVAC system more energy-efficient: Each year, it appears as though the cost of your utility bills rises. When your ducts are clean, air moves through them more freely. The system does not have to work as hard to shift the air, which may result in a reduction in your electric and gas expenses, depending on the type of heating. So the cost of cleaning air ducts is worth it if you think of it this way.
  • Reduces the number of employee absences due to illness: It is a well-known fact that pollutants in the air contribute to poor air quality. When the air quality is poor, your employees may get more allergies or respiratory problems, requiring them to stay at home until they recover. With improved air quality, you may see a decrease in the number of individuals skipping work.
  • Reduces or eliminates unpleasant odors: Is there an odor originating from your commercial building that you are unable to eliminate? It could be that the source is located within your air duct system. Cleaning the air ducts on a regular basis promotes adequate airflow throughout your building and eliminates undesirable odors.

What Is Involved In Cleaning And Sanitizing?

The entire cleaning and sanitizing procedure may be broken down into three stages: pre-inspection, duct cleaning, and a final walk-through inspection.

Step 1: Conduct a Pre-inspection
After arriving at your place, we will inspect the air duct system. Examining all access points to the duct system, analyzing its condition (on the inside), and determining the best cleaning approach for your commercial building. The cleaning process will commence after the ductwork has been inspected.

Step 2: Negative Pressure & Debris Removal
The specialist will then arrange the vacuum collection unit — it is critical to establish negative air pressure in the air ducts to prevent dust, dirt, and other debris from spreading throughout the place and being collected in the vacuum collection unit. After establishing this, the specialist will begin agitating the ductwork’s walls, removing pollutants such as duct dirt, allergens, bacteria, and other unpleasant stuff clinging to the ductwork’s walls.

Step 3: Execute A Final Walk-through Inspection
After the cleaning is complete, a second inspection of the air ducts is required to ensure that nothing was missed and that the ducts have been thoroughly cleaned. You now have a better understanding of how air duct cleaning works.

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Duct cleaning is not an easy job. Doing it right takes specialized equipment in the hands of a skilled technician. When choosing a duct cleaning company, always check to ensure they use a truck-mounted vacuum and compression system, are certified by the National Air Duct Association (NADCA), and have established a positive reputation backed by real customer reviews.

Be cautious when it comes to telemarketers and door-to-door salespeople offering discount duct cleaning services.

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