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The Duct Pros Formula

Cutting-edge, High-quality Techniques

Duct Pros takes pride in our industry-defining methods and systems that have been tested by time and thousands of happy customers!

Going Extra Miles on Extra Miles

Our technicians always maintain a tenet of completing a job way above the expectations and beyond the services paid for. That’s dedication!

24/7 Emergency Service

Find yourself in a precarious situation in seemingly unserviceable times? Do not fear — we got you covered!

Backed Up by Certifcations and Awards!

Throughout the years of solid, impeccable service, Duct Pros is proud of the achievements that we achieve. It is the same pride that we bring to every aspect of our work, so rest assured, your ducts are in good hands!

Get To Know

The Owner

Freddy Munoz


Our company owner Freddy Munoz has been working with residential and commercial duct systems for 8 years. His expertise in HVAC started in Southwest Florida. As a family man, he wants to ensure that his family breathes the best air possible, which is why we at Duct Pros are dedicated to providing services that ensure the best air quality as possible, so we can live up to Freddy’s high standards.

Our company approach is to be able to provide educational and fact-based solutions to customers with a pressure-free approach. Let us give you the facts, and you make your decisions based on what you think best suits you and your family.

The Duct Pros’ team of professionals have seen every corner of this industry, good and bad.

We’ve taken all that we’ve learned while working with shady price haggling companies to provide the exact opposite to our customers. We pride ourselves on providing a service that is based on fairness, quality, and the best customer service possible.

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